For most of us Spring starts with spring cleaning of our homes, closets, etc. It's important to get rid of all the stuff that's been accumulating for a year and that is the tradition I've been keeping religiously but this year I had a though - why not start with your head? Get rid of all the thoughts that's been bothering you, make commitment to yourself and plan how to live a more active, joyful and mindful life.

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Happy Anniversary!

It has only been a year but it feels like I've been doing it my whole life and just started two days ago at the same time. In other words - a little confusing in a good way. There's still a lot to learn, a lot to work on, a lot to achieve but the firsts steps are always the hardest ones. Every morning I remind myself that it is those small steps that lead to big accomplishments.

On several occasions I've almost cried (who am I kidding, I DID cry) because I couldn't figure out the settings on my camera or a specific coding for a blog post (because I wanted it to look a certain way), etc. I got out of my comfort zone a lot, stopped being shy in front of the camera in a public place. Overall I learned a lot in that past year. The most important lesson of all - to NEVER EVER give up and if it gets a little frustrating - concentrate on the result instead of all the things that don't go the way you want them to go.

All those examples are more on a personal side of the matter though. As for blogging itself I do want to share some wisdom I gathered in the past 12 months. Maybe it will inspire someone else out there to continue or start blogging...

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Apps that help me in everyday life

Phones can be so distracting! It’s like this joke about Internet that you only needed 5 minutes to check something on the web, after 5 minutes 2 hours of your time is gone. It is the same with all the phone apps as well. At least for me it is sometimes – want to reply on Instagram comments, 40 minutes later I’m checking wallpapers for lock screen – but I am getting better. That’s why I only keep the apps that I use a lot and it’s all divided into few screens – productivity, learning and entertainment. Some of the apps I use more than others, of course and, to be completely honest, would be lost without them. Here’s my list. read more

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The Importance of creating a positive mind

I am a very positive person but even my mind can be taken over by sad thoughts from time to time. Less often now after I’ve started practicing positive mindset and meditation. Before I could just let my thoughts take me to whatever place and usually it wasn’t a happy one. Bad thoughts are very clingy and if you go with the flow can not only spoil your day but your life as well. We know that we are the creators of our own destiny but not a lot of people realize that it all starts in our minds. “What you think, you become” – I cannot say it more clear than that and cannot stress enough how true that is. Creating a positive mind and attitude now will help you achieve all your goals in life later and make you life more enjoyable now. It is not that hard as it might seem at first. All it takes is to be more aware of NOW and practice. Just as you can train your body to be strong, you can also train your attitude to be positive. read more

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Dieting vs. healthy eating

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Once I’ve decided to do an experiment. I would only eat fruits and drink water for 3 days and see how I would feel about it. Psychologically more than physically. Curiosity was one of the reasons why I wanted to do it, plus I hoped to shred few pounds along the way. Fast. Don’t we all.

I wrote down all my goals and reasons (in case I had a moment of weakness), braced myself and went for it the following morning. I was fine till afternoon then I started to feel hungry. I was’t starving since I ate as much fruits as I wanted to but I missed REAL food. The only thing that kept me going was the thought of a nice breakfast I would have after the “fasting” was done and a slimmer waistline. Somehow I managed to keep it going for the whole day only to go crazy the next. On the next day I ate more than I usually eat and I couldn’t stop for two days. So I ended up with two extra pounds and a bruised ego. read more

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