Everyone is talking about it – bloggers, vloggers and now me. Because finally I know what all the talk is about. So if you use foundation more than two times a week and love all the things useful that also saves you time and don’t have this beauty marvel just yet it is good time to get one. You won’t be disappointed.


The beautyblender® was created by celebrity makeup artist Rea Ann in 2003 that quickly became a makeup sensation. In 2013 the original beautyblender® won the Allure’s Best of Beauty award for the 5th time. Allure’s Best of Beauty award is like oscars for beauty products (or at least that’s what beautyblender® website says). I think it was around that time that I started seeing the imitations of this products all over the stores – the certain sign of success but I didn’t see the actual thing until 2014 when Sephora started selling it. read more

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