I always knew that exfoliation helps with breakouts but never realized to what extent. Most of the products I've used dried my skin and it produced even more oil, so I stopped trying. Big mistake! Although my skin did get better over the years, it is not until recently that I've discovered...

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Winter skincare routine

From my experience my skin has different needs depending on the season - what works perfectly well for me during summer won't necessarily work for my skin during colder seasons. I think it is true to every girl out there unless you are among the lucky ones who won a gene lottery and happen to inherit perfect skin no matter the weather. Nonetheless it is always best to take care of your skin than totally rely on mother nature. Bad choices tend to catch up with us later on.

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Body care for shower lovers

Leg workout on Monday, followed by hot yoga on Tuesday and 5K run on Wednesday, and so on till the end of the week. A hot, steamy shower after each workout is my favorite part of the day. And if I can fit in 15-20 minutes of sauna or steam room... Oh, what a bliss! As good as hot showers might be for your sore muscles and soul, it is not exactly an everyday bliss for your skin...

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Wash your day away | Ole Henricksen Foaming Cleanser


I’ve been looking for a good makeup cleanser for awhile. Something that would save me time washing off the makeup and something that would do a better job. With all the choices on the market it gets really hard to choose the one but in the end I’m glad to say that I found exactly what I was looking for and very happy with the results.


The brand was founded by Ole Henricksen, Danish skin cosmetician who lives in the United States and who became interested in skin care after his own skin got inflamed with cystic acne during his trip to Indonesia. He studied skin care and cosmetic chemistry in London before moving to US to open his first spa in Los Angeles which became very popular among celebrities after Vogue Magazine wrote a short story about him. Mr. Henricksen has over 40 years of experience as a cosmetic chemist and skin care expert. His products won several awards and are available in 12 countries. read more

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