My morning skin routine differ from my night routine and this is how I think it should be because your skin needs different products depending on the time of the day. It needs protection from sun and air pollution during the day and products that help repair damaged skin during the night.

I want to start with my night routine first. It usually takes a little more time and products than morning routine (if you don’t count makeup, of course) and it is kind of therapeutic actually. By taking time to take care of myself it makes me feel a little prettier, makes me realize that imperfections that I find in my skin are just the creations of my own mind that don’t really exist or can’t be taken care. Nothing works better than women’s fantasies on “what to hate about myself today” (which I have to admit I’m guilty of from time to time) so for me the night time is a perfect time to unwind and give my skin a little love, attention and acceptance. read more

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Cool it! (Caolion Premium Hot & Cool Pore Pack Duo Review)

1454441279747 I got really excited when Sephora got Korean brads in their store. Having read couple of years ago that Asian skincare industry is ten years ahead of Western industry I’ve decided to find out more. There were couple of products that I liked but what really caught my attention was Caolion’s Premium Hot & Cool Pore Pack Duo.


I’ve been battling my blackheads and oily skin for awhile now so I thought it might be a good addition to my array of “weapons” against large pores and not-so-perfect skin. After checking every ingredient with EWG chemical database (yep, I’m nerdy like that) and making sure that this product was safe to use I’ve decided to give it a try. read more

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