How to start running

To be completely honest with you - I hate running. That very last mile when all you have left is your determination and close to zero energy and mental power to continue I hate running a lot. I might even curse a little if situation permits and there's no one around, not very lady-like I know but hey who doesn't? My yoga instructor said once "Your brain gives up before your body. Don't let your mind trick you into quitting".
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Things on my list

Suit up and wear it with confidence

The second biggest fear is public speaking apparently. I cannot tell you where I've heard it from exactly but must've been one of the TED talks. I would also add that we spend half of our time (if not more) thinking what others think of us and it is a huge obstacle to overcome when coming out of your comfort zone.
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Timeless pieces – Trench coat

With the weather getting warmer and nicer it is time to get spring clothes form the back of your closet. I cannot tell you how happy I am do to so! Finally after long winter "style slumber" and boring cold weather clothes I can be fashionable again! Not that I am not fashionable during winter of course but warm spring weather definitely gives more options for a stylish gal.
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