Timeless pieces – Trench coat


With the weather getting warmer and nicer it is time to get spring clothes form the back of your closet. I cannot tell you how happy I am do to so! Finally after long winter “style slumber” and boring cold weather clothes I can be fashionable again! Not that I am not fashionable during winter of course but warm spring weather definitely gives more options for a stylish gal.

Although the key piece in this post is the trench coat this outfit came together for the sake of new heels. To be honest I love beige shoes but the reason I haven’t bought any before was simple – I didn’t know how to style it. I don’t really lack creativity when it comes to putting an outfit together but for some reason this was difficult for me. Call it a stylist’s block. The first thing that pops into my mind when I think about beige shoes is light blue jeans, white shirt, red lipstick and big wavy hair and after that… Blank. Nude shoes are not made to stand out but rather to complement the outfit due to it’s color and I wanted the opposite so when it all finally came together I was rather pleased with the result. read more

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Things on my list

Mastering chic in sneakers


I love wearing sneaker. I mean who doesn’t? It’s super comfortable and for the last couple of years very stylish. I hope this trend is here to stay. I basically lived in heels in my college years. Even using public transportation (where you had to stand most of the times) and knowing that I had 8 hours day ahead of me didn’t stop me from putting on favorite pumps in the morning. My feet definitely didn’t thank me for it and I remember coming home swearing I wouldn’t wear it again but morning would come and I would change my mind yet again. Honestly, thinking about it now I have no idea how I didn’t end up with a bad back or something. So for a person who only wore high heels most of her adult life accepting that sneakers can be sexy as well wasn’t easy but I’m glad I finally did so are my feet. read more

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My 5 favorite workout gadgets and accessories


I’ve always liked sports but my mom had other plans for me. As much as I enjoyed my piano classes I wanted to do something active that would include more than just fast finger runs. But it wasn’t until later on that I got into actual running and weight lifting. When you are working out it’s very important to have the right gadgets. It makes it so much more enjoyable and fun. Nothing should distract you from that very last push-up and tangled headphone wires definitely are not on your side. So here’s the list of my workout must-haves. read more

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Simple ways to de-stress step by step


Recently I’ve been working so hard and was under so much pressure that one day at the end of 3rd month of almost-no-days-off/crazy-working-hours marry-go-round I’ve found myself being so stressed out that even a pair of new shoes wouldn’t help the situation. Well, maybe if they were Louboutin… No, probably still no. Not being able to workout and let all that negative energy out made everything even worse. I couldn’t change the situation at that point but what I could do was to survive it without nervous breakdown. read more

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That’s my gems! (J.Crew jewelry)


Jewelry and I were never friends. If you don’t count those crazy teen years when you would wear anything to stand out in the crowd. But when I finely came to my senses I couldn’t find anything that would satisfy my taste and my budget.

Cheap jewelry never got me excited. My meticulousness kept getting on the way. I’ve expected to see some serious craftsmanship that you probably could only find in fine jewelry. And since I’m not anything close to Queen Elizabeth my “all or nothing” attitude was getting me nothing. Until I walked in J. Crew store one day… read more

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