the BASICS | Leather leggings

In the last couple of weeks I've been getting a request after request about how to style leather leggings. I personally LOVE it myself and wear it almost everyday for work, casual (and business) lunches, date nights, movie nights, etc. You name it! The only place where I haven't wore my leather leggings at yet is the gym because...

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Things on my list

Athleisure | Fall edit

Today instead of giving advices on how to wear this and that I wanted to talk about something unrelated to an outfit post instead, and related at the same time. I wanted to talk about the importance of giving yourself a time-off, even if it is from work that happened to be your favorite thing in the world. That is where it gets tricky, actually...

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Body care for shower lovers

Leg workout on Monday, followed by hot yoga on Tuesday and 5K run on Wednesday, and so on till the end of the week. A hot, steamy shower after each workout is my favorite part of the day. And if I can fit in 15-20 minutes of sauna or steam room... Oh, what a bliss! As good as hot showers might be for your sore muscles and soul, it is not exactly an everyday bliss for your skin...

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Time to get serious


The weather is getting colder and the colors outside and on the blog are getting darker. I was a little worried about the Fall season since it is my first as a fashion blogger. So many things to figure out, main question being how to shoot in colder weather? Well, same as in Summer and Spring – you take your camera outside and you shoot. That being said, I only had an accident once so far. My camera fell down because of the strong wind. Fortunately it landed on the side and didn’t damage the lens. Only few scratches. Phew! But I am not taking any more chances and will be using a heavier tripod next time, avoiding windy days as much as  I can. read more

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