Body care for shower lovers

Leg workout on Monday, followed by hot yoga on Tuesday and 5K run on Wednesday, and so on till the end of the week. A hot, steamy shower after each workout is my favorite part of the day. And if I can fit in 15-20 minutes of sauna or steam room... Oh, what a bliss! As good as hot showers might be for your sore muscles and soul, it is not exactly an everyday bliss for your skin...
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Things on my list

Time to get serious

The weather is getting colder and the colors outside and on the blog are getting darker. I was a little worried about the Fall season since it is my first as a fashion blogger. So many things to figure out, main question being how to shoot in colder weather? Well, same as in Summer and Spring - you take your camera outside and you shoot. That being said, I only had an accident once so far...
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Witching hour

Am I an adventurous type? Well, if adventurous means summiting Elbrus or trying surfing, YES! Count me in. If, on the other hand, adventurous means buying bold lipstick... Not so much... This lipstick was completely out of my comfort zone, so, naturally, I bought it! As it turned out it wasn't that scary after all. Keep reading for tips on how to apply dark colors (so it would look stylish rather than "Halloween makeup went wrong") and to learn what other products I used for this make up.
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Styling heeled sandals for Fall

You might be thinking something like "Wait... What? Sandals for Fall? Are you out of your mind lady? " Well, not exactly. You see, I don't know about the place where you live but The Midwestern United States has been freakishly warm even in October, which is a perfect reason for me to buy a new pair of heeled sandals.
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Where my heart is

You might have noticed that I almost completely disappeared from the web and social media in the last month. It was because I was visiting my motherland - Russia, for a whole month. Which wasn't even nearly enough, to tell you the truth. Although I did plan some blog work for that month and even considered collaborating with few local photographers...
Caucasus mountains
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