Witching hour


Am I an adventurous type? Well, if adventurous means summiting Elbrus or trying surfing, YES! Count me in. If, on the other hand, adventurous means buying bold lipstick… Not so much… This lipstick was completely out of my comfort zone, so, naturally, I bought it! As it turned out it wasn’t that scary after all. Keep reading for tips on how to apply dark colors (so it would look stylish rather than “Halloween makeup went wrong”) and to learn what other products I used for this make up. read more

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Things on my list

Styling heeled sandals for Fall


You might be thinking something like “Wait… What? Sandals for Fall? Are you out of your mind lady? ” Well, not exactly. You see, I don’t know about the place where you live but The Midwestern United States has been freakishly warm even in October, which is a perfect reason for me to buy a new pair of heeled sandals. Hey, I got a pretty good deal on those Prada’s as well! Plus I’ve already packed and stored all my summer shoes. Who needs more reasons for buying new shoes?! I know, I don’t. But it is not only me, who’s loving the trend though. Fashionistas all over the glob are pairing their stiletto sandals with wool coats and warm sweaters and I’ve got few ideas for you too! Just keep scrolling. read more

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Where my heart is


You might have noticed that I almost completely disappeared from the web and social media in the last month. It was because I was visiting my motherland – Russia, for a whole month. Which wasn’t even nearly enough, to tell you the truth. Although I did plan some blog work for that month and even considered collaborating with few local photographers for outfit posts, it didn’t exactly work out that way, as you can see. To clear the air though, it wasn’t because of my laziness. I don’t get to see my dear relatives and friends a lot, so every minute spent with them is precious. That’s why I put all my plans and blog posts on hold and enjoyed my time with family and friends. read more

Caucasus mountains
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the BASICS | Leather biker jacket


Leather jacket is one of my favorite pieces of clothing that I own. It took me awhile to invest into a really good one but once I did I never turned back. I remember owning a faux leather jacket from Forever 21 four/five years ago and I remember I kept wearing it again and again even after I’ve completely fallen out of love with it and after my preferences in clothing has changed. But I kept wearing it with jeans, dresses, heels, sneakers, etc. It just looked good with everything.

Leather bicker jacket is a classic, something you might pass to your daughter with your grandmother’s pearls so it only makes sense to buy one. If you have an opportunity to buy a genuine leather jackets – that’s amazing, if not – there are always more than two options. Keep reading and you will find leather jackets and faux leather jackets at all price ranges. I have three for you to be exact. read more

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Wash your day away | Ole Henricksen Foaming Cleanser


I’ve been looking for a good makeup cleanser for awhile. Something that would save me time washing off the makeup and something that would do a better job. With all the choices on the market it gets really hard to choose the one but in the end I’m glad to say that I found exactly what I was looking for and very happy with the results.


The brand was founded by Ole Henricksen, Danish skin cosmetician who lives in the United States and who became interested in skin care after his own skin got inflamed with cystic acne during his trip to Indonesia. He studied skin care and cosmetic chemistry in London before moving to US to open his first spa in Los Angeles which became very popular among celebrities after Vogue Magazine wrote a short story about him. Mr. Henricksen has over 40 years of experience as a cosmetic chemist and skin care expert. His products won several awards and are available in 12 countries. read more

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